Qualifying Rules

 All paddlers who wish to paddle in the Cape Point Challenge need to qualify regardless. In order to qualify you need to have competed and qualified in a;

  1. Listed Qualifying race
  2. Timed open ocean surf ski race of 25 Km’s or more within a specified time. These times may vary depending on conditions, race results and size of field.

 If paddling in a double, both paddlers will be required to qualify regardless of who the other paddler is.

If you qualify in a double then you have to paddle in a double, you may not paddle / enter in a single.

Paddlers who qualify in a single may paddle/enter in either a single or double with another paddler who has qualified in either as single or double.

International paddlers who cannot paddle in any of the listed qualifying events may use their official results from international races. These results need to be submitted to the race organising committee for ruling.  The above rule (point 2) will be applied. 

The event organisers reserve the right to review the qualification criteria.